Iwanoi Yamahai Junmai Daiginjo Genshu

Iwanoi Yamahai Junmai Daiginjo Genshu

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The best Iwase makes. It combines 40% polish rate with their super hard “shell” water and umami rich lactic acid production. This is not a highly aromatic, fruit bomb Daiginjo. Because it’s brewed with Aramasa yeast, it’s got low aroma and a salty, savory finish. Geeks only, please. Most sake isn’t actually great with sushi but this one is!

The ultimate sushi or wagyu sake for a special occasion. Serve slightly cool in a white wine glass.

Founded in 1723, Iwase has some of the hardest brewing water in Japan at 240! Proximity to the beach means the water is high in calcium and magnesium allowing them to employ both Yamahai and Ginjo techniques in the same batch, then age them indefinitely!

Seimaibuai 40%
Rice Yamadanishiki
SMV +3
Alcohol 17%
Acidity 1.9%
Amino 1.2
Yeast 6 (Aramasa)
Ideal Storage 28F-58F